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Coplar’s Blazing Yeager

Yeager is a wonderful brown standard poodle carefully bred for proper structure, health, and temperament. He’s a working task-trained service dog who adores children, especially his junior handlers.  Yeager was honored with a VIP Excellence award and finished his AKC Championship with back-to-back 4-point majors.


Yeager holds the following conformation titles:

AKC Champion

UKC Grand Champion

IABCA World Beauty Champion


Yeager holds the following performance titles:

UWP – UKC Weight Pull Champion

BCAT – AKC FastCAT sprinter

CGCA & CGCU – AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced & Urban

TKN – AKC Trick Dog Novice

Spot-On – UKC equivalent to Canine Good Citizen

And has additional AKC titles pending for scent work.


Yeager has been recognized by Versatility in Poodles with an “Excellent” title (VCX) for achievements in titling and health testing beyond breed recommendations and has demonstrated the ability to perform well both on the field and in the show ring.

Registration & Pedigree

Yeager info and pics.jpg
Yeager versatility excellence.jpg

Health and Genetic Testing

Yeager Genetic Diversity.png
Yeager eye cerf.jpg
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