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JewelSky Standard Poodles




Jubilee is expecting a new litter of puppies due on June 23, 2024! Her first litter was a litter of black and blue puppies. This time she has been bred to a beautiful brown boy and we are expecting all brown shades (unless we get some surprises). If you would like more information or would like to be considered for this litter, please text Julie at 208 255 9277 or email .


Puppies coming very soon!

We are ethical, hobby breeders of Standard Poodles, located in Sagle, Idaho. We have litters very occasionally from health and genetically tested parents with proper conformation and well balanced personalities.


Puppies are family raised and socialized with care for their physical and psychological well-being. Our Mama dog, Jubilee is everything we want in a Standard Poodle. Click here to learn more about her. Click here to learn about Yeager, the sire of the puppies.

Why we love Standard Poodles


  • The most “human-like” of any dog we have ever had

  • The #2 breed for intelligence

  • Loyal and Loving

  • Athletic and enjoy being active but also happy to "chill out"

  • Elegant and Majestic

  • No shedding/hypoallergenic

  • Come in a vast array of beautiful colors and shades

  • Luxurious curly “hair” instead of fur that can be styled in many ways

  • Athletic and adventurous

  • Desire to please, generally sensitive to a small correction

  • Humorous and often love to do tricks

  • Kind and thoughtful, ours are usually quiet when they know we are sleeping for instance

  • Large enough to be guard/alert dogs and protect us in our forest

  • Protect our small livestock from predators such as racoons and keep coyotes away.

  • Strong ability to understand human words and communicate

  • Tight mouth/no drooling

  • Maintain a healthy weight easily

  • Sensitive to what is going on in the family and adjust to various situations

  • Friendly to approved strangers but very bonded to their family

  • Good with children

  • Very easily housebroken and trained

  • Love car rides/traveling

Our poodles all have different personalities and each one brings something special and unique to our family.

Happy to receive this endorsement from our long-time veterinarian. They are trusted partners in helping us raise the healthiest pups:

"The veterinarians at VCA North Idaho Animal Hospital have worked successfully with Julie Brusaw and her extended family for over 12 years.  Through reproductive and wellness visits, emergency traumas, and other issues, they have shown us the best that any pet parent and breeder can:  competence, understanding, gratitude.  The Brusaw family's moral ethics, animal husbandry, and breed standards go beyond the call of duty."

Dr. Dawn Mehra, Medical Director

VCA North Idaho Animal Hospital

320 S. Ella St. Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

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