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Because we raise a litter of puppies only rarely, we choose to do so only when we can give them our full devotion.  We sleep in the nursery with the puppies and mama for the first month, making sure all is well at all times. We make carefully thought out decisions about everything, from when to introduce solids to selecting toys and activities.


Jubilee’s first litter was born on July 12, 2021. She has a very easy delivery and all puppies were born perfect and healthy.  Jubilee took wonderful care of them and all of the puppies are gained weight beautifully each day with no supplementation. Their mother's milk gives the puppies the best start in life and immunity to various diseases. The puppies nursed until soon before they went to their new homes. 

It’s such a blessing to see healthy puppies come into the world. We do all we can to help them stay that way. The testing that both parents underwent assures us that they are clear for all of the DNA tested diseases (over 200 of them), such as Degenerative Myelopathy, which doesn’t show up until a dog is older and causes progressive paralysis. This is costly for breeders but invaluable for creating healthy puppies. See Jubilee's DNA testing results here. Just like last time, we'll have Jubilee nurse the puppies for as long as she’s willing/able to give the pups extra immunity.


Although all of our dogs had docked tails prior to Clara, we chose not to dock the tails of Jubilee's last litter. All have adorable natural tails. Now that we have had plenty of time to live with Cara from this litter with her natural tail, we have learned that we prefer natural tails. It's not at all hard to groom and we've learned that natural poodle tails are very expressive. We know now that we will never dock tails again. Several of our last puppies went to homes with people who were seeking a a litter with natural tails.


We had a tragedy years ago with tail docking in which two large, previously healthy puppies died from an infection which began at the wound site. We learned that since that time, tail docking has been banned in many countries and natural tails are becoming more popular in the U.S. It does eliminate them from AKC showing – we hope they will change their stance on this topic. Our veterinarian encouraged us not to dock tails, as she believes it’s inhumane. See Endorsement from our Veterinarian on our home page.

We raised Jubilee's first litter with a modified Puppy Culture protocol, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and a bit of Early Scent Introduction (ESI) to bring out the best in their physical and psychological health. We set up a Puppy Preschool area for them in their Nursery Room. We take 1-4 puppies to school at a time and rotate toys and activities for them. This also provides a great time to assess their developing personalities and their confirmation.

Having experienced the results of this combination of Puppy Culture, ENS and ESI, we plan to add even more to our protocol for this litter. 


We work hard to be the best matchmaker, matching just the right pups to the right homes for them. We want to schedule a phone call with all of our prospective puppy families to learn answer questions and get acquainted. 


We ask families who are to receive puppies to provide us with a comprehensive “Puppy Wish List” so we can understand exactly what they want in their puppy and what will be expected of the pup. That helps us to be the best Matchmaker.

Each puppy family receives a comprehensive packet of information showing all test results for their puppy, vaccination and health records, puppy contract with health guarantee etc. We love it when our puppy families stay in touch and we are happy to be a resource throughout your puppy's life.

We start potty training with our puppies and teach them how to use a doggy door. We begin leash training and take them for car rides and expose them to water. All puppies are groomed and bathed before they go to their forever homes. 


If you would like to schedule a call to learn more, we use email ( or text (208 255 9277) to schedule calls.

As part of matching puppies we test each puppy's conformation and use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude tests. These tests which must be performed on the 49th day of life. They give us more information about each pup’s temperament and bring awareness to any challenges to work on with each puppy. 

Here’s one of our pups during the Following Test to see if he would follow the (unknown to him) tester:

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