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Our Poodles

Our lives have been blessed thus far with four wonderful Standard Poodles. They all share the basic Standard Poodle traits but just like humans, each is a their own “person”.

Grace, Caeley and Chantilly.jpg
Grace puppy.jpg

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace was our first Standard Poodle. She came to us when she was eight weeks old in 2004. Debbie Euker at Shiloh Garden Standards helped us choose the right puppy for our family and has mentored us with our own litters. Grace was a beautiful Café au Lait girl. She was very intelligent and very bonded to us.  She passed all her genetic testing and gave us two litters of puppies. Grace was a fantastic Mama.  We kept her daughter, Chantilly Lace. Grace and Chantilly were very bonded to each other throughout their lives.

Sadly, we lost Grace to cancer a few years ago. We are not over it -we never will be.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace was a much loved member of our family from the day she was born to our first poodle, Grace until we lost her at  fourteen and a half years old. We always liked to say Chantilly was practically perfect. As a puppy she did enjoy a little mischief, like taking the remote outside! But she grew into a most obedient, stable, and loyal friend. Her one flaw was that she didn’t enjoy grooming and would try to hide when the clippers came out.  But she always reluctantly came to be groomed in the end. She loved us endlessly and we her.


Chantilly passed all of her genetic testing and  had one gorgeous litter. We planned to keep a puppy from her next litter but sadly she didn’t have any more puppies. 

Chantilly Puppy.jpg
Jubilee Dec 2020.jpg

Jubilee Grace

Since we lost our line when we lost Chantilly’s last litter, we went back to Shiloh Garden Standards to and found Jubilee’s litter which shared some of Grace and Chantilly’s ancestors. We chose a breeding quality silver beige girl – the largest girl in the litter. Grace passed away before we got Jubilee. We gave her Grace’s name for a middle name as a tribute. We hoped that she would share many of Grace and Chantilly’s traits. She seems to have the best of each of them and brings some new wonderful traits that we’ve never experienced.  


The first thing we noticed is that she didn’t cry once on the 3 hour drive from the breeder’s house to ours (Grace had cried a lot on that same journey).  When we got her home, she was very relaxed in meeting the rest of the human and animal family. We were so happy with how calm she was. When we learned that she stayed calm being groomed and at the vet, we were overjoyed! Jubilee is our first dog to actually enjoy grooming and therefore the first poodle who we have allowed to have long hair!


Chantilly is like a grandma to her and she’s careful around her. Jubilee loves to watch our pet rabbits who have a giant Bunny Castle in the yard.  We have “school” every night after dinner. Jubilee has surpassed all of our hopes and we were overjoyed with her ten healthy, beautiful, puppies! Can't wait to see the next litter in just a few days! 

Clara Violet

Clara was the tenth/last puppy born to Jubilee in her first litter. We knew we wanted to keep a girl, but there were five beautiful girls to choose from and we loved them all. As part of our decision making we did Embark DNA testing on all 5 girls and the results were given to each of the owners of the girls as a free gift.  All were shown to be clear for all inherited diseases. 

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