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Jubilee Grace

We only breed dogs that are an outstanding representative of their breed, both physically and psychologically. Our dogs must pass all of their genetic testing, including DNA testing. We were very pleased with all of Jubilee’s testing results. Jubilee is clear for all tested diseases. Her Pennhip results were especially impressive. Those combined with her excellent health and personality led to our decision to allow her to have puppies. Jubilee is clear for all seven diseases common to Standard Poodles tested on Embark and all of the other one hundred and ninety- nine diseases they test for. 

We tested Jubilee for Addison's Disease because it is such a common disease in standard poodles and other breeds. We see many poodles being diagnosed with it on Instagram. There is currently no DNA test for it but we believe it's a good thing to at least test for it, which is all we can do. 

We can literally say that Jubilee has never been sick a day in her life. Same with her daughter Clara. We are blessed with such healthy pups and are grateful. 

Jubilee has her own Instagram page called Jubilee's Journey. You can follow her here.

Registration & Pedigree

Jubi AKC Registration.jpg
Jubi Pedigree.jpg

Health Testing

Jubi PennHIP.jpg
Jubi PennHIP2.jpg
Jubi Pet Report Card.jpg
Jubi Blood Work.jpg
Jubi Embark 100% Poodle.jpg
Jubi Blood Work2.jpg
Jubi Addison.jpg
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