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Our Story

We are Scott and Julie Brusaw. We live on 30 acres in beautiful rural North Idaho. We raise only Standard Poodle puppies and only very rarely.


We currently have 2 Standard Poodles, a Maltese, 2 rescue cats, 2 parakeets, 3 pet bunnies who provide manure for our organic vegetable garden and 10 chickens who provide fresh eggs for us and our dogs.

Our poodles are not show dogs, but rather "Country Poodles" and valued family members and co-workers with us in our business. We own Solar Roadways and our girls are often our models to pose on our Solar Road Panels. 

We walk our dogs every day in our own forest which has a pond and seasonal creek. We also have a large, fenced yard. The dogs come and go between our house and their yard as they wish through their doggy door. They sleep in our bedroom and are generally are our shadows throughout most of the day. Standard Poodles bond very strongly to their family.

We only breed very rarely and only breeding quality, genetically tested Standard Poodles -generally only when we are wanting to keep one of the puppies. We are fortunate to own our own company, Solar Roadways, and so can work from home much of the time or bring them to work with us.  

We raise puppies in our home, giving them consistent care and socialization. Julie is a licensed Counselor who had a private practice in Sandpoint for twenty years before closing down her practice to work full time with our company. She focuses on the psychological well-being of puppies as well as making careful decisions for their physical health.

When we married, we had other dogs and Julie learned that she’s allergic to shedding types of dogs. She asked Scott to take a look at a litter of standard poodles and visit the adult dogs to see if they would be a good match for our family. Scott fell in love with them as well. We bought our first Standard Poodle, Amazing Grace who was a Café au Lait.

After experiencing the intelligence and human-like qualities of Standard Poodles, coupled with their lack of shedding and no allergies for Julie, Scott made a request that we have only Standard Poodles for the rest of our lives. We like to keep at least 3 at all times - what a joy they are!

Grace had two litters and we kept her daughter Chantilly Lace, a beautiful cream girl. We like to say that Chantilly was practically perfect. She’s the epitome of everything we were looking for in a Standard Poodle and we loved her dearly. We were blessed to have her with us for 14.5 years. However we didn't keep a puppy from what turned out to be Chantilly's only litter - we thought there would be other chances but sadly there wasn't. 

We went back to Grace’s breeder and got Jubilee Grace, a breeding quality female who shares some ancestors with our Chantilly. We hoped that she would have a similar personality to Chantilly, and she does!

Jubilee passed all of her health and DNA testing. All results were excellent, and she had her first litter from which we kept her daughter Clara. 

Now, we couldn't be more excited as we wait for her new (and probably last) litter to arrive about June 23, 2024! We hope to welcome one of these special babies into our family and the rest will be available to be matched with the perfect homes for each of them. 

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